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1 . Shave around the private part a couple days before you start.

2 . Endure over toilet. Heat a soft towel and warm the penis so that the bloodstream is warm for 3-4 a few minutes.
3. Sit with edge of the bath tub but dealing with the wall opposite the bath tub [i.e. back facing tub].
4. Place a fabric or paper towel on the floor under your penis to avoid drips on the floor.

5. Get lubricant [Johnson Baby Oil, etc] and lubricate enough.
6. Try to have some blood flow in penis. DO NOT set up fully.
7. Milk your penis. Grasp tight from base with browse then scroll down forcing all the blood in paul salopek the head. One hand right after another, so that the blood in remains in.
8. Start with 200 stokes on day 1 then move up to 500 strokes or more as time passes.

9. salopette femme When Completed warm the penis again with cozy towel.
10. Have sexual intercourse 3 or more a week to build muscles. Get help: website Natural Male Enlargement Technique

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